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"Received NVIDIA GPU Grant Award"

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"Received AWS Educator Grant"

"Winners of Smart India Hackathon 2018"

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"Winners of VCET(April) Hackathon 2017"

Cloud Solutions

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the act of using an interconnected network of Internet-hosted remote servers to manage, store and process data. In cloud computing, data is accessed over the Internet rather than through a computer’s hard drive. Because of this, cloud computing is often thought of as an insurance policy should a computer break down or suffer a catastrophic hard drive failure.

Some cool facts:

  • Banking produces the most activity within the cloud.
  • Within the next five years, the public cloud will experience a 44% growth.
  • 80% of companies that adopt the cloud see improvements within their IT departments within six months.
  • 60% of U.S. IT decision makers trust the security of the cloud.

How can cloud computing profit you:

  • Automatic Updates.
  • Maximum Business Flexibility.
  • No Limits on Location.
  • Increased Security.
  • Ease of Collaboration.

Solutions we provide:

  • Infrastructure Assessment & Cloud Advisory.
  • Cloud Migration.
  • Cloud Security Assessment, Enhancement & VAPT.
  • Cloud Spend Analytics & Optimization.
  • Cloud Solutions Support.

Cloud Grant we received:

  • We have received Microsoft Azure grant of $20,000 for research purpose which helped us to gain knowledge about the working of the cloud architecture and get to know about various functionalities of it.

Recent Project Accomplished

Palghar Police transfer System

Project descriptionAutomated transfer system for Palghar district police station, as methodical as Mumbai police processes, they face huge amount of challenges to fight corruption when it comes to police transfers. Thus, to ease the process of Police transfers and have an optimized strength of police officials to have a crime-free Mumbai, our proposed solution provided assistance to the superintendent of Palghar, Mr. Manjunath Singhe to carryout efficient transfer for the year 2018. The system provided a detailed list of the police officials which was sorted according to factors such as quality of work and years of experience. The system portrayed an insightful visualization of police strengths at headquarters, making the whole process transparent and corruption-free.

Chabot Counselor Using Cognitive Sciences

Counselling is a psycho therapeutic process of guiding and assisting needful people, by a trained professional, to resolve personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. People in the present century undergoes so much mental pressure, which reduces the productivity of a person and ultimately affects a country’s growth. Maximum productivity is an important goal for any developing country. This goal cannot be achieved without mentally strong potential citizens. Counseling is one of the effective means for maintaining and developing productive citizens. Where human therapists rely on body language and vocal tone to make inferences about a patient’s mood, the proposed chatbot detects patterns in how phrasing, diction, typing speed, sentence length, grammar, voice modulation, and other parameters correlate with different emotional states. In this proposed system a chatbot is capable of assessing emotions of a human from conversational text, speech and photo. The proposed system judges the internal turmoil of a citizen from facial expression, voice modulation and text messages and each of the modules produces a confidence value which is being fused and a composite confidence value is generated regarding the emotional state of the citizen. This emotional state is passed on to the chatbot which helps the chatbot to counsel the citizen to resolve problems faced in a more efficient manner. If more number of citizens have a healthier mindset, the country will be more safe, productive and educated, that adds more fire power to ‘make in India’ initiative.


Rockstar Research Laboratory has received a copious amount of accolades for the technical prowess that we possess and the most quantifiable of them, would be winners at 'Smart India Hackathon'.

Rockstar Research Laboratory has an extensive expertise in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. Rockstar Research Laboratory thrives on incorporating state of the art technologies in order to build social growth fostering products.