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Recent Project Accomplished


Getsetwheels is a self-drive car and bike rental company headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company was founded in 2015. Getsetwheels works on the principle of “self-driving”. They will provide you with a car/bike and you can roam anywhere within the period for which you have taken the car/bike from them. And after certain kilometres are over one has to pay per kilometres of charge depending upon the type of car/bike they have hired.

Biometric Attendance System

RRLab is at your service once again with a brand new Overall Management System (OMS) system. According to new government resolution (GR) every junior college offering science stream have to adapt biometric attendance system. Comparing to the tradition biometric system, OMS is a portable and hassle free and provides with features of not only to take attendances on biometric devices but also reflect it on dashboards which will helps the authorities to understand the behavior of the student and take proactive measure. Considering accreditation such as NAAC and NBA, our OMS help to keep all records in place. OMS system is highly customizable based on the college needs.

Palghar Police transfer System

Automated transfer system for Palghar district police station, as methodical as Mumbai police processes, they face huge amount of challenges to fight corruption when it comes to police transfers. Thus, to ease the process of Police transfers and have an optimized strength of police officials to have a crime-free Mumbai, our proposed solution provided assistance to the superintendent of Palghar, Mr. Manjunath Singhe to carryout efficient transfer for the year 2018. The system provided a detailed list of the police officials which was sorted according to factors such as quality of work and years of experience. The system portrayed an insightful visualization of police strengths at headquarters, making the whole process transparent and corruption-free.

Enhanced Tourism Application With Augmented Reality

As every individual relies on their smartphones for their day- to-day needs, our proposed solution would comprise of an android application that would act as a virtual assistant for the tourist. The tourist can have an integrated solution that caters to all their needs which includes information about all the nearby tourist attractions as well as recommend accommodations nearby the location. The application will provide navigation to the monuments as well as other necessary locations and also provide an overview of the cultural events and festivities being carried out in the in the location near the user. With the integration of artificial intelligence and image processing, the feasibility of acquiring the information about the tourist attraction just by clicking a pic of it, would give the tourist much more insights about the immense cultural heritage that Rajasthan possesses. The tourist can also report the instances of defamation, garbage accumulation and potholes on the road. These reports with the help of deep learning will analyze the severity of the problem based on physical attributes of the issue such as size, depth, volume etc. The authority corresponding to the pin code will be notified and the users can track the progress of the solution. The complainant can also chat with the allotted authority if the issue is not resolved. The main highlight of the application is a chatbot that the tourist can interact with all kinds of questions that the tourist would have in their mind. The questions can range from simple hotel recommendations to information about the monuments and how to reach the locations with the help of navigations.

System For Detection And Tracking Of Potholes And Garbage And Reporting To Local Authorities

The current population of Mumbai is 1.841 crores causing generation of garbage at excessive rate. Out of total garbage generated only 75% of it is disposed but the remaining is ignored due to reasons like unawareness or not proper availability of garbage collectors. Potholes too have been seen as severe cause of disruption for commuters and reason for road degradation. We need to approach the higher authorities of BMC about the same so that they take immediate action against it. Our proposed system needs to detect potholes from the images and to extract the feature of that pothole like depth, size, etc. so that on the basis of the features extracted, system will come to know whether pothole is sever or not. Our system will be able to distinguish between garbage and other objects and be able to detect the level of hazardous material from images. Checking the redundancy of the complaint lodged by different citizens of the same place which should not register it as a different complaint.

Public Transport Linkage System Using Iot And Cloud Services

A system needs to be developed to automate the traveling of every individual by unification of Amazon web services public cloud and various open source technologies like MongoDB for persisting data & data driven documents (D3.js) for visualization. This system is a multi-modal structure by integrating the commuter trains with local public transport like buses to make traveling swift & regulated. The system will authenticate every user in real-time and plan the journey of every commuter from his/her source to the desired destination as per their traveling behavior. This system will notify the commuters via SES (email) & chatbot which is an interactive service platform to keep commuters up to date about their daily travels and other journey related information. Besides users can also directly communicate with the chatbot for any queries or questions related to their travel. The commuters & admin can also visualize their data in the form of real-time graphs from their user accounts or admin page. The commuters will be notified about the real-time availability of trains & buses to set up their journey, thereby making this system more robust and plain sailing. This entire architecture is host-ed on a public cloud which will make it more reliable, inexpensive & easy to scale.

Chabot Counselor Using Cognitive Sciences

Counselling is a psycho therapeutic process of guiding and assisting needful people, by a trained professional, to resolve personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. People in the present century undergoes so much mental pressure, which reduces the productivity of a person and ultimately affects a country’s growth. Maximum productivity is an important goal for any developing country. This goal cannot be achieved without mentally strong potential citizens. Counseling is one of the effective means for maintaining and developing productive citizens. Where human therapists rely on body language and vocal tone to make inferences about a patient’s mood, the proposed chatbot detects patterns in how phrasing, diction, typing speed, sentence length, grammar, voice modulation, and other parameters correlate with different emotional states. In this proposed system a chatbot is capable of assessing emotions of a human from conversational text, speech and photo. The proposed system judges the internal turmoil of a citizen from facial expression, voice modulation and text messages and each of the modules produces a confidence value which is being fused and a composite confidence value is generated regarding the emotional state of the citizen. This emotional state is passed on to the chatbot which helps the chatbot to counsel the citizen to resolve problems faced in a more efficient manner. If more number of citizens have a healthier mindset, the country will be more safe, productive and educated, that adds more fire power to ‘make in India’ initiative.